About us

Brand Dubex is a part of TVR company (TVR Dış Ticaret A.Ş). TVR is a high-quality pet products manufacturer located in Istanbul, Turkey. 


Nowadays Dubex is one of the leader Pet Products Suppliers at the region. It gives to its customers a rich product range including 350 different products. It has 1500 m2 production zone and 40 full time employees.


Dubex is the choice of big retail chains and distributors because of the advantages it gives to the customers such as custom treaties, freight cost and delivery time. 


Dubex has been already exported to 4 continents. We believe that the reason of success lies in its values. 

Dubex is always responsible for its quality, use first-class materials only, follow trends and wants to give all the best for pets. 


Dubex products are mainly targeting EU and USA markets. All products are manufactured with pet health friendly materials and can meet with the demanding needs of International standards.